Tamara Laurel





Take one listen through Tamara Laurel's debut LP Runaway, and you'll find it hard to believe that it was almost never made. Growing up in a small town in Washington, the southern infused singer songwriter's childhood dream of becoming a musician was inhibited by debilitating stage fright. Hiding her voice in choruses and theatre ensembles, she never found the courage to step into the spotlight. Newly 18 with a seemingly impossible dream, Laurel headed off to USC to earn a business degree instead. Nevertheless, she quietly took guitar and voice lessons after class, just in case. After graduating, starting a company, and unsuccessfully trying to convince herself she belonged in corporate America, Laurel happened upon a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform her original songs at Hollywood's legendary House of Blues. The blue-eyed songbird officially segued from the sidelines to the stage in front of a large crowd on LA's Sunset Boulevard. Her performance shattered a lifelong fear, but more importantly, gave her the confidence to officially begin. Right away, Laurel booked studio time, landing Grammy Award winning Philip Allen (Adele) and Grammy-nominated Luke Tozour (Katy Perry) as coproducers/engineers on her 2014 folk debut Lightning. Together they yielded a striking EP that secured loyal listeners in the country and city alike.