Tracy Delucia





Tracy DeLucia is a Nashville recording artist from New York's Hudson Valley region, about an hour outside of Bethel Woods, the concert area that has become world-famous for hosting Woodstock. Tracy brings a fresh, distinctive power vocal to today's Adult Contemporary Country scene. She considers her journey to be a living example for her children. After the 24/7 duties of a mother went into overtime with her third child, she was faced with the real possibility of packing in her music career. But I didn't want my children become an excuse for abandoning my dreams. It wouldn't be fair to them. So I decided instead to show them first-hand how to develop a dream. I wanted to instill in them a never-give-up attitude. In the true sense of the I-can-do-it-all super-woman mentality, Tracy manages a house, husband, three kids, two dogs, and an ascending career in music. But it wasn't always that way, in fact, you might say it all started by accident ... literally. Tracy's full time accounting career came to an end when a traffic accident with an 18-wheeler allowed her the chance to put priorities in order. Feeling lucky and blessed for having survived some type of miracle, and in a position to make the change, she decided to become a Stay at Home Mom. Always a singer, Tracy's time home allowed her the opportunity to develop her craft, write, and to transform from into an artist. In that time, she has penned and recorded three full length CDs, In the Moment, Empowered, and a yet to be named release for Summer 2016 which will include a consumer customizable picture frame/tree ornament CD cover.